How to transfer video?

How to transfer video?

1) Grab your laptop, grab your GoPro.

Power up your laptop and open Image Capture. You can find image capture by using spotlight. To open ‘Spotlight’ click the magnify glass in the top right and type in Image Capture and hit enter.

1) Connect your GoPro

Now to connect your GoPro. Grab the firewire cable that came with your GoPro. Plug the small end into your GoPro and the USB into your laptop’s USB port. Once it’s connected power your GoPro on.

1) Find your video files

Back to the Image Capture. Now your GoPro is on it will show up in the image capture tool bar on the left -if it doesn’t then it isn’t connected properly or you haven’t turned it on. Select your GoPro form the left hand tool bar. This will display all the footage that is on your GoPro. Highlight all of your footage. You do this by selecting the first file then hold shift and select the last file.

1) Select your video files

Once you have all your files selected you have to choose where you want the files to be imported too. Get your BePro USB, find a free USB slot and plug it in. Now in Image Capture from the dropdown box select other. This will launch finder and you will navigate the the USB. Select the USB and then hit okay.

1) Import

Now hit import. Once it has finished importing all the files that imported will now have a green tick. Once all the files have that green tick you can take the USB out and eject your GoPro. Make sure you don’t delete your files as BePro can not keep a copy for you.


Finally, put the USB in the stamped and addressed envelop we sent you and pop it in the post box.